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You can rely on our license information, we do proper research on our featured freebies! Our main goal is to make it for as easy as possible for you to keep overview of our amazing featured freebies. It is important to understand and take care about the authors license terms. In general we try to keep the amount of royalty free freebies as high as possible, but if we want to cover even the best free files we need to care about their licenses information.


License informations


Dribbble Freebies

Many freebies by Dribbble authors includes less information about what is allows and what not. So basically the concept of Dribbble is sharing, mixup and improved each other. So if the authors gives no specific information about restrictions you can take the files for personal and commercial use. Attribution is not necessary but welcome to continue the Dribbble spirt. If the files are not directly attached in the item page the authors host their files somewhere else. Here you are often redirected to their websites or portfolios where you are able to download the files and see all license informations.

Our recommendation: Feel free use them in all your personal projects and ask for commercial use each author for permission if there are no clear informations available


Third-party Freebies

We do offer great freebies by third-party websites, portfolios, showcases and other resources. Here you can find all the license information on their websites.

Our recommendation: In case of doubt check our their websites or contact the authors, but most of the featured files are free for personal an commercial use!


What is allowed?

Even if the authors allow free use for personal and commercial projects does not mean you can do everything what you want. So what is in general allowed and what is not allowed. Note: This is a raw information and does not count for files with their own license or copy right material.

  • You are allowed to use the freebies for any number of personal and commercial projects.
  • You may modify the freebies according to your requirements and include them into works, such as artwork, websites, applications or other materials intended for sale.
  • No attribution or link back to this site is required, however any credit will be much appreciated.


What you should avoid to do!

You do not own the files after download, so you should respect the authors work and be sure to make everything right!

  • You do not have the rights to redistribute, resell, lease, license, sublicense or offer any freebies to any third party or as a separate attachment from any of your work.
  • You are not allowed to offer them as free download on your website, resource or portfolio.